10000 Coors Bypass NW 87114 (505)377-2688 shopinfinitecuriosities@gmail.com New Location at Cottonwood Mall. We are now open late! Monday-Saturday 10-9 and Sunday 11-6. Regular Mall hours.


Shop Access:

We are reasonably wheelchair accessible and have made a great effort despite being in a historical location with no legal accessibility requirements. Old Town is a historical area, but with some work it is enjoyable as whole though some stores do not have room, we have wide isles and movable center displays. We can maneuver the space if you need us to, and we can pull things off the shelf (even entire displays)…just ask if you need help. Most things can be pulled out where you can access them, regardless of their location in the store.

We also can make before/after hour appointments for people with autism, brain injuries or other sensory needs. We can do low-noise and dim lighting during this session as well as no contact or other accommodations. We can do this for groups, individuals, or families. Just let us know how we can help. Ask to have the owner to call you for more details and to work it out.


Public Bathrooms:

The only public/accessible bathrooms in Old Town are about 2 blocks away at Don Luis Plaza. The area museums and some restaurants and hotels may also have them.

Accessible Parking:

For wheelchair access park in the City lot between the store and Central; It’s paid parking, but city and state parking is free with a City issued disability parking placard. It is just off of Romero, on the east side of the street, along Central.

Once you park, head to the ramp across the street. Be prepared, while my shop is accessible, this is a historical site, and the trees have made the sidewalks uneven.  Also keep in mind that the only restrooms are at the new buildings on the plaza and people with disabilities might find some challenges around here. It’s still fun, and you’ll rock it; just plan for it!


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