10000 Coors Bypass NW 87114 (505)377-2688 shopinfinitecuriosities@gmail.com New Location at Cottonwood Mall. We are now open late! Monday-Saturday 10-9 and Sunday 11-6. Regular Mall hours.

Welcome to The Shop of Infinite Curiosities:

The Shop of Infinite Curiosities is a specialty store that has moved from Old Town to Cottonwood Mall in April of 2019. We specialize in affordable, family friendly curiosities that is inclusive of the community.

We are located on the first floor near the elevator. Many of the entrances to Cottonwood Mall are currently closed due to coronavirus, but you can enter by the food court and take the elevator or the escalator down to us. We are located across from Boba tea.

Our new store is all yellow and we have new products and staff who are helping to make the craft items in the store as well as wait on customers.

We are currently open limited hours due to coronavirus. The entire mall is now limited to 25% occupancy. We can allow up to eight people in the store at a time. We are open from 11-7 Monday-Saturday and Noon-6 on Sunday. If there is a cone blocking the door, please wait a few moments until less people are present. We will welcome you in shortly.

Masks are required, but we do have disposable masks for $1 and fabric masks 3/$20. If you enter the mall without a mask, simply cover your face with a wash cloth and tell security you are coming straight to us and will purchase a mask right away.

Candice Carnes is the owner and primary artist. She is a fourth generation Albuquerque native. Along with her ongoing found-object art, some of the art includes jewelry that she made from 150-200-year-old excavated doll parts.

…Like jewelry/art she made from baby doll eyes!!!

Eyeball Astronaut

And paintings…

……and antique stereoscopes (the worlds first 3D images and viewers from the 1800s).

Her work as an artist is influenced by early collections of the unusual. These private collections of art and specimens were some of the world’s first museums. Collectors of curiosities loved to travel, meet new people, and share ideas. They were inquisitive and they favored the strange and unusual as well as science and the arts. Her current collection, The Shop of Infinite Curiosities, seeks to capture the spirit of those early curiosity cabinets while embracing modern sentiments. The shop itself is an interactive art project. More than anything she strives to be inclusive of everyone.

We are a lighter and brighter version of the old-fashioned curiosity shops with a gallery atmosphere and gift shop prices.

The world of fantasy and imagination is the infinite world of the human spirit.

Welcome to The Shop of Infinite Curiosities!

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